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We can produce our local vaccine in June

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Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Public Health Specialist Prof. Dr. Levent Akın said that in order to be a little more comfortable in the fight against corona virus in the summer, the number of cases should be reduced.

Akın said, “We need to reduce the number of cases so that we can act more comfortably in the summer period. But still, we should not neglect the mask, distance and hygiene, which we call protection measures. If vaccination is provided and enough immunization services are provided in the society, then we will see that the cases have decreased significantly. The best example of this is the situation of Israel right now. “As long as we can provide enough vaccines. As far as I understand, there are many problems in the international market. Are we having difficulties in the vaccine supply?


Prof. Dr. Akın, about the citizens’ compliance with the prohibitions in the fight against the corona virus epidemic, “Citizens are not willing to comply with the ban, they are not careful. I have an age group that I insistently emphasized, the 18-40 age group. The 18-40 age group is very careless. There are mothers, fathers, siblings, people with risky diseases around them. I mean, they have a high probability of infecting them. I think this group behaves carelessly. There are no shutdowns, except for very special situations. Apart from the provinces, as I said, the restrictive measures taken increase as they move from yellow to orange, from orange to red.Or, on the contrary, the measures decrease as we go from red to blue.Therefore, the provincial administration will of course follow the disease burden of the province. As a result, the suggestions and opportunities offered by the state should be used correctly by the citizens and he needs to follow it carefully. The whole foundation is built on this. “The more effective the relations between the state and the citizens, the easier we can take the distance in the fight against the disease.”


Akın also said about the studies of the domestic and national inactive vaccine developed against coronavirus at the Erciyes University (ERU) Vaccine Research and Development Center (ERAGEM), “I think that the vaccine produced by Erciyes University will soon switch to Phase-3 study and give good results. It is very difficult to give a date, but I guess that everything is fine, because the information sounds like that. We can probably say, “Maybe we will reach the end of the Phase-3 study in June and we can produce this vaccine now.” It may be even earlier. Maybe June, July may say, ‘I have finished my Phase-3 study, I am applying for urgent use approval.’ This wouldn’t surprise me at all. But I don’t expect such a thing to happen in April, ”he said.

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