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Ultrasound waves can damage Covid-19

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In the research conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) experts, published on The Explorist website, the ultrasound waves and vibrations at medical imaging frequencies, like other viruses, are spherical and have spikes attached to cells on their surfaces, and these tips of Covid-19 have collapsed and It was stated that it could cause rupture.

In the study, which stated that ultrasound vibrations should be within the frequencies used in medical imaging, scientists used computer simulations to model the response of the virus to vibrations at a range of ultrasound frequencies.

In the study, it was determined that in simulations of the virus in air and in water, vibrations in the range of 25 to 100 megahertz began to collapse and crack the virus’s shell and spikes within a millisecond.

“ We proved that under ultrasound stimulation, the shell and spikes of the coronavirus will vibrate, creating loads that can break certain parts of the virus due to the multiplicity of this vibration. and damages the RNA inside that is invisible to the eye. Our hope is that our research will start an interdisciplinary discussion. ” used the expressions.

The scientists who conducted the study stated that the results were preliminary and based on limited data on the physical properties of the virus. However, he noted that the findings they obtained from the study could be the first clue of a possible ultrasound-based treatment for Covid-19.

Scientists said in their explanations that their next goal is to understand how ultrasound can be applied in treatment and to determine its full effect in damaging the virus within the complexity of the human body.

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