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Strongest known natural antibiotic: ‘Udi Turkey’ (What are the benefits of the Udi Turkey plant?

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In these days when the corona virus is spreading rapidly, at least Cleaning, Mask, Distance It is known that one of the important factors as well as TMM is the protection and keeping of the immune system strong. Since it is the strongest natural antibiotic known, it strengthens the immune system Udi Turkey Demand for the plant has increased. The kilogram of Udi Hindi, which draws attention with its ability to remove microbes from the body From 250 lira selling.


Udi TurkeyUdi turkey, which grows in East Asia and has a woody structure, is obtained from a tree. This tree, which is common in China, is a species that has leaves all season and is not affected by seasonal transitions. The other name of the plant is oud tree.

Udi Turkey It is used in many areas from the cosmetic industry to traditional medicine. In Turkey Udine turkeys are grown mostly as an ornamental plant. But Udi Turkey, is not only an ornamental plant, it has also started to be used in modern medicine today.

Udi Turkey If used correctly, the plant supports the strengthening of the immune system, the elimination of germs from the body and the acceleration of the treatment process of many diseases. Ud turkeyis consumed mostly in oil and powder form.


Udi turkey oil, which is prepared using oud turkey powder, pure olive oil, honey, ginger, cinnamon and lemon, is very effective in strengthening the immune system.

Allows germs to be removed from the bodyUdi Turkey, one of the strongest known natural antibiotics, is very useful in removing microbes from the body if used regularly.

It is beneficial against inflammation and infections: Especially powdered lute turkey plant gains antibiotic properties if consumed by mixing with honey. If consumed in the right amount, Udi turkey powder helps to remove inflammation and infections from the body.

Effective against sore throat and runny nose: Because it softens the throat, it is effective in sore throats and general inflammation situations. Those with sputum problems can relieve the respiratory tract by consuming lute turkey and prevent problems such as runny nose and nasal congestion.

Stomach aches and stress are good: Udi Hindi has calming properties. If consumed regularly, it is good for stomach aches and stress. Mixing honey syrup with Udi Turkey powder and consuming it with warm water is also effective against headaches.

It is beneficial for skin health: Udi Hindi helps the skin look healthier and brighter. It is a preferred herb for mild burns and eczema. It renews the skin, when applied as a mask, it removes dead skins and removes stains.

It removes bad breath: Due to its pleasant smell, it removes bad breath. Chewing some lute turkey plant during the day is effective in bad breath problem.

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