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Scientific Committee member warns: Hospital admissions may increase after a week

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Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Public Health Specialist and Member of the Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee Prof. Dr. Levent Akın evaluated the current risk map with the number of corona virus cases seen in 100 thousand people from province to province.

Akin, “In February, the British variant spread into Turkey, the former measures feature in March because the infection is very high, even if the restrictions sürdürüls still somehow expected increase in cases,” he said. Akın noted that normalization effects started to be seen this week and said, “Currently, the number of cases has reached 15 thousand and maybe even more. These are the ones that have been detected. I hear that there is an increase in applications. There is an increase in admissions to the hospital, but there is not such a high increase in hospitalizations. Following 5 with 7th heavier table in some people a day. Accordingly, we invest in the hospital. If So next week is really going to table in Turkey aggravation, we can also experience an increase in admissions next week hospital. demonstrates the possibility of increasing the number of people we will lose, of course hospitalization “he spoke.


Drawing attention to intercity travel in provinces where the number of cases is increasing, Akın said, “People in provinces with high incidence go to less frequent provinces, or people in provinces with mild cases go to the provinces with high frequency and return to their own provinces, causing the disease to be transmitted to different provinces. One of the important points is that if you are in a busy area, you should not go out of the city. Or if you are in a quiet area, you have to continue your activities in the province you are in. There may be very compulsory situations such as social reasons, losses, diseases. Socialization, a little revitalization of social life increases the risk. Therefore, everyone should follow their own precautions more carefully, thinking that the risk has increased, “he said.


Akin, evaluating the effects of the mutated virus’s increasing cases increase, “Turkey is currently 50-60 British variant percent of virus mutation in circulation. So we know that a very high contamination of it. I have a follow-up. Probably data belonging to it towards the end of March in Because these data in England only started to be published in January. We need a follow-up. We are currently experiencing a mixture of the Wuhan type virus and the famous British type virus. Meanwhile, there is a South African mutant who wants to sneak in. He is a little more troublesome. . currently not very common but it can also spread to Turkey after a while, “he said.

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