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Research: people aged 65 and over are more likely to have Covid-19 again

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According to a new study, Covid-19It has been stated that people who are infected with the disease become immunized for at least six months after surviving the disease, but people aged 65 and over are more prone to re-infection than young people.

In the study published in Lancet, one of the world’s important medical journals, it was announced that 0.65 percent of people who had previously had Covid-19 in the first and second Covid-19 waves in Denmark caught Covid-19 again.

When people who caught Covid-19 again were examined, it was stated that the protection rate of people aged 65 and over against being infected with Covid-19 was 47 percent, and young people were 80 percent.


“Our study shows that the likelihood of reinfection with Covid-19 is rare in young and healthy people, but the elderly are at a higher risk of catching it again,” said Steen Ethelberg of the Statens Serum Institute in Denmark.

“Our findings make it clear how important it is to implement policies to protect the elderly during the pandemic, as older people are more likely to experience severe symptoms of illness and unfortunately die,” Ethelberg said.

In the study conducted in Denmark over 4 million Covid-19 tests in 2020, the authors of the study said that the protection rates of people infected with Covid-19 did not decrease for six months, but that more studies are needed to evaluate the effects of Covid-19 variants on reinfection.

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