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It’s no use wearing two or three masks

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Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Bulent Ertugrul, corona virus mutation talked about the variants.

Corona virus Ertugrul outbreak in Turkey, saying that the UK is currently the most common mutation, seen in the world, England, South Africa and Brazil in our country indicate that the mutation was present.

Stating that the most common is the UK mutation, Ertuğrul said, “It continues to be seen in a larger part of the infected cases in the society. This is our main fear. If the British mutation becomes dominant, the epidemic will gain a faster dimension,” he said.


closure for a serious reduction in the number of cases in Turkey said it was important that made Professor Dr. Ertuğrul said, “Of course, it is again due to the same reason, that is, after the number of cases exceeded a certain level, if you do not go to a serious shutdown or if you do not provide your social immunity, it will continue to increase. Because this virus can circulate between people with human mobility. have to continue, we can not prevent this virus, what the circulation of pity people. Accordingly, also are against Turkey at the moment against an increase in the number of cases. How can we prevent it? However, increasing the vaccination rate, raising can prevent it could provide herd immunity. one of the things that are important here If we are going to continue to live with a certain comfort, we must ensure that the elderly who are at high risk of death and those with the disease are vaccinated as soon as possible so that we know that this disease is milder in young people and healthy adults. If we continue in this way, unfortunately, the number of cases will increase again in the coming days and will continue to increase incrementally.


Prof. Dr. Ertuğrul, arguing that regional quarantine is important, said, “I believe in the necessity of regional quarantine practices with restrictions. In other words, where the number of cases is very high, a quarantine and restriction application should be implemented in a way that will be prohibited or controlled. Unless you take those quarantine measures, it can go to another region and cause an increase in the disease there. For this reason, I am talking about quarantine measures and places where the number of cases are very high, restrictions are unfortunately necessary here.

Prof. Dr. Bülent Ertuğrul said the following in his speech:


“If the number of cases is high in a region, the cases in that region will continue to be high unless there are severe restrictions or social immunity is provided by vaccination. If you make a serious restriction before vaccination, then we can expect a decrease in the number of cases in our country. Unfortunately, such a serious restriction or serious precaution is not considered. On the contrary, there is a great complacency in the citizens. People continue to live or stay in a very crowded way outside or in closed places. it is necessary not to wait for it to fall ”


Asking citizens to give great importance to the mask, Ertuğrul said, “The disease is contaminated by the viruses in the droplets we eject from our mouth. When the mask comes out of your mouth, it prevents it. Secondly, it prevents the viruses coming out of someone else’s mouth from entering your respiratory tract, your nose. The mask is very important. Almost the first factor in protection. There has been a significant decrease in the number of seasonal influenza cases this year. “We are protected not only from influenza, but also against other respiratory viruses and respiratory tract factors. This year, we really saw very little infulance.”


Underlining that wearing two or three masks is not a great benefit, Ertuğrul said, “If you look at wearing two or three masks, it is not a great benefit. Whenever necessary, then we recommend N95 or PFF2-3 masks instead of two masks. Let’s say you are in a very crowded area. For example, you are in a public transport vehicle, in a minibus, or you are side by side in a very crowded environment, people and social distance cannot be found and people cough, two masks or different methods can be recommended to avoid spreading viruses. As a medical worker, we use N95 or PFF 2 masks when we enter the patients.

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