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‘Cancer pandemic awaits us’ after corona virus

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For more than a year due to the time of the corona virus outbreak in Turkey, he has spent the majority of health workers overtime pandemic.

With the effect of people’s fear of applying to hospitals for the treatment of other diseases due to the epidemic, the importance of early diagnosis, especially in diseases such as cancer, reappeared.

about 200 thousand new cancer cases diagnosed annually in the area stated that Turkey was sick.

Oncology Specialist Halis Yerlikaya, working at a private hospital in Diyarbakır, stated that cancer has been neglected in the last 1 year as everyone turned to the corona virus and said, “During this period, calls were made to stay at home. “We did not apply to hospitals because of the fear it created, and we have a large number of patients who were diagnosed late. We have a large number of patients who were not diagnosed. As a result of all these, we think that there is actually a patient group that accumulates in the coming years. Therefore, a cancer pandemic is waiting for us.”


Stating that cancer is a preventable and treatable disease, Yerlikaya said, “The aging population is also increasing in society due to reasons such as diet, obesity, smoking. The number of patients diagnosed with cancer is increasing. Therefore, we can have a large number of new patients. All of these are diagnosed early. It is necessary to take measures to prevent this cancer pandemic, that is, to prevent a large number of people from getting cancer in the society, to fight against the factors that cause cancer, but at the same time, even if cancer occurs, we need to diagnose it early so that we can treat it much more easily. Unfortunately, we cannot do this during the Covid-19 pandemic process. Our patients cannot come to the hospitals. As a result of all these, we may have patients who have not been diagnosed with a large number of patients whose diagnosis is delayed. I.


Noting that they anticipate that cancer will be one of the most common diseases in the coming years and that it will be one of the diseases that cause death, Yerlikaya said:

“If we cannot raise awareness at the social level, if we cannot take the necessary measures for this, if we cannot do the necessary studies, if we cannot arrange our health system accordingly, if we cannot provide access to health for patients without Covid-19, we may overcome this pandemic, we can control the pandemic due to the virus, but to pay the cost of the pandemic caused by cancer as a society. Our people should not hesitate to go to hospitals if there are findings that may be signs of cancer. There are screening programs defined according to certain age groups and they must be done. They should not stop doing these screenings because there is a pandemic. Cancer pandemic is a reality. For example, a patient whose breast cancer will be completely corrected only by surgery in the early stage, unfortunately, has spread to the hospital and the diagnosis is delayed in this process, and comes in the 4th stage. When talik passes to the 4th stage, it must be under continuous treatment. They have to come and go to the hospital all the time. Therefore, the chances of recovery are completely eliminated. This is a very serious public health problem. ”

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